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HE Space

HE Space

HESpace is a European company that provides a range of space-related services, including engineering and consulting, mission analysis and operations, and data analytics. The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany. HESpace has a team of experienced professionals with expertise in a variety of technical fields, including space systems engineering, data analytics, and software development.

One of HESpace's main areas of focus is the development and operation of small satellites, which are spacecraft that are typically less than 500 kilograms in mass. The company provides a range of services related to small satellites, including design and development, testing and integration, and mission operations. HESpace also works with clients to develop customized solutions for specific space-related challenges, such as communication and navigation.

In addition to its work with small satellites, HESpace also provides a range of other space-related services. These include mission analysis and operations, which involve designing and planning space missions, as well as data analytics, which involves extracting useful information from large datasets.

Link: https://www.hespace.com/